Sidewinder Mooneye

by Mooneye

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JOHN BRISTOW -- arrangements, vocals, acoustic &
electric guitars, bass, piano & keyboards, accordian, mandolin

CHRISTOPHER MILLER -- lyrics, drums & percussion,
harmonica, guitar, theramin, whistlin', bkgrd. vocals

Featured Guests:
Kyle Hamlett -- vocals on "A Temporary Fog"
Choi Yap -- vocals on "Front to First"


released February 16, 2010

Cover art, "It's All Pink On the Inside," by David (Doobie) Lundquist, 2006



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Enthusiastic
when your smile tastes of copper
can't drop the other shoe
tuck your mind in your pocket
do what you gotta do

wipe away the acid
dimwitted and
is what passes for you

oh the crazies waging words
and all their waterloos
the last thing that i heard
be cool

make the most of afterwards
enjoy the follow through
this is your end of the world
do what you gotta do

why are all the masses
underdone and
they're all passing on you

debating, bating yours
it's wrong but it'll do
the last thing that i said
be cool
Track Name: A Temporary Fog
fleeing foul weather caught in my head
the return of memories I had left for dead
of stomping feet & the devil’s wheeze

...left a shotgun loaded, lying on the sheets

the days are faceless out in the street
where numb, new Nothing will liberate me
for ghosts & gods, for many of the few

...a half-pint religion has a lot of proof
Track Name: Camelia
named after a southern State Flower
she had a smile like a tractor tire
and patted her side where she kept some snakes...
in a suitcase made from a ribcage

Camelia – in your night dance – will you bring me love
Camelia – in your sweet trance – can you make me love

for a potion or a roll of the bones
go to the Parish of Cameron
where Camelia conjures any cure...
if the right Loa possesses her

oh, for fortune or for health
she sits on several spells
or a mate for your gros bon ange
no one can resist her charms

I asked my Mambo for true love
she burned the blood of a mourning dove
incanted, quaked, and swallowed dirt...
and that's when I knew...
I was in love with her!
Track Name: Saints and Jackleg Souls
to uplift
is our will o’ the wisp
the glow of rot and weather
opposites like fast & fist
don’t live in now or never

a high tooth
has the rule of the roost
smiles can be alive
and it’s a ruse that fast and loose
will lead to your demise

won’t stop to think
and there’s not one thing I know
won’t struggle as an either-or
I’m both saint and jackleg soul

no outlay
that’s the world of the way
that's the friar’s lantern
the system may be pay to play
but life’s another matter

won’t stop to think
and there’s not one thing I know
won’t struggle as an either-or
I’m both saint and jackleg soul

every fact
is the back of the bat
and loads left to suffer
so when they say, ‘this or that’
choose both not either other

won’t stop to think
and there’s not one thing I know
have we all been here before
all us saints and jackleg souls?
Track Name: Wicked As We Seem
we’re not as wicked as we seem
we’re just livin’ in the wrong dream
there’s still so much... that’s worth dyin’ for
but there’s not much to believe

and everything, it stretches my skin

hey, and how ‘bout you
smiling ragged in the sunshine
I wonder what you’ll do
when it’s time to let the fur fly

we’re not as hopeless as we seem
we’re just nestled in a daydream
and if we don't know what we're missing
how can we know where we've been

while everything, it stretches my skin

now, which one are you
Moralize or Tongue-Tied?
I’ll get my answer soon
when it’s time to let the fur fly

these ways are ill-conceived, they don’t exist for me
i’m a man who's his village, who is only what he bleeds

but everything, it stretches my skin
every day, it stretches my skin
Track Name: The Honeymoon Heist
She caught my tooth with ring finger knuckle
Cut the side of the top of the back of her hand
Then we drove all night to the home in Kentucky
Of the Justice of the Peace of the town of Beaver Dam

Later that night in the dark hotel lobby
Took a drink from a flask from a man from out east
Soon we were plannin’ a daring bank robbery
In the floor in the hall in our honeymoon suite

It seemed a good way to pay for the wedding
And the truck and the trailer and the bills all past due
We consumated our marriage together
Then over breakfast, over coffee, we had an overview

I’d hold the clerks and tellers at gunpoint
To take them to the back to tie up their arms
The man from out east would bag up the money
We’d get Darlin’ to get in the get-away car

The heist would’ve worked except for one reason
Down the street, down the block, down a short flight of steps
Walked all of the cops of the 17th precinct
To go to the bank to cash their paychecks

So they all bust in and foil our stickup
“On your knees, on the ground, on the double!” they said
We dropped the bags without takin’ a nickle
To the door, to the car, to the hideout we fled

The cops gave pursuit and pulled at their triggers
As quick as they could, as the car came around
And they hit my poor wife, and wouldn’t it figure
On the side of the top of the back of her hand.

So the chase was all over, and the police were itchin’
To nail us, to jail us, to cell with two goons
As far as my wife, well she won’t go to prison
She ran off with the cop with the bags with the loot